"In this highly competitive field, is it easy to become bogged down or overwhelmed. Chekhov provides ideas and exercises that free us from analytical thought, and facilitate play.  His concepts are simple, but in the hands of the Master Teachers at Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium basic gestures and actions become fully developed stories. What I found at GLMCC was a motivated, collaborative group of artists who want to practice what they preach. The Michael Chekhov technique is more than a tool for actors--it is a guide to living joyfully and fruitfully as an artist. I share the story of my experience at GLMCC any chance I get, but you have to be there to feel it!  "The Work" is time filled with continuous play, learning, growth, and community that words cannot do justice."

~ Kyra Kelley 

"The Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium has been a vital part of my learning, development, and growth as a performer and teacher.  The weeks spent engaging in Chekhov's technique are weeks of commitment, connection, and revelation.  Whatever your artistic roadblocks may be, the Chekhov technique treats them with loving kindness and opens up new doors to your artistic self.  Ideal theatre, indeed.  The Master Teachers and Associate Artists are sensitive, knowledgeable, energetic, engaging, and most of all, they are in touch with that which makes all of us distinctly human.  In short, they are artists who facilitate the growth and evolution of art. The creation of all art should be as joyful as the art created in the weeks spent at GLMCC.  It's what art was meant to be.  It's what life should be, it's what humanity dreams itself to be.  Because of GLMCC, I am closer to being the artist and teacher I imagined myself to be since I first fell in love with the theatre."

~ Jarad Benn, Certified Teacher, 2016

"Throughout my acting training, I sought a cohesive and dynamic approach to performance that relieved me of feeling the obligation to think my way through everything I did onstage. It wasn't until I was exposed to The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique in graduate school and even more extensively at The Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium Teacher Training Program that I discovered that approach. The Michael Chekhov Technique releases the performer from unhelpful habits, and connects them to their bodies and impulses in a powerful, intuitive way. Not only did the Michael Chekhov Technique empower me as a performer, but the Teacher Training Program has given me the confidence to give the gift of the tools of the Technique to my own college students. In the wonderfully supportive environment of GLMCC, teachers will find an ideal atmosphere to experience what the Technique can do for them, and how they can pass on the priceless discoveries of Michael Chekhov to their own students in their own voices."

~ Bradford Sadler, Certified Teacher, 2015

“I can’t thoroughly express how enjoyable this experience was.  I truly didn’t want the week to end.  I felt like I was walking away with a whole new family of friends, colleagues and fellow collaborators.  The Master Teachers and Associate Artists at GLMCC have done a wonderful job of structuring the conference in terms of how various aspects of the technique are introduced.  Going in, I was initially concerned about my ability to assimilate so much new information over the course of only one week, but that didn’t turn out to be an issue at all with the thought and care that was put into lesson planning.  I’ve only completed the first module, but I can already see the Michael Chekhov work having a profound influence on my approaches to both acting and directing.  I’m excited to now share aspects of the work with my students!  Highly recommended.”

~ David Vegh

"I first looked into the Michael Chekhov technique because I had an intellectual curiosity about the integration of the physical body and the imagination.  What I found was a truly transformative experience that has reshaped my work as an actor and my approach to teaching.  The GLMCC family of artists brings such joy and honesty to everything they do.  It was impossible for me to stand removed, as is my habit, from the experience.  Instead, I felt a connection to the other artists and to the work which resonated in places I wasn't even aware of, and that has allowed me to access physical and emotional freedom; not only in my acting work, but in my everyday life.  In addition, the program has inspired me as a teacher, and given me confidence in the tools of the technique as I bring this work to my own students.  I am very excited to return next year for my third year of teacher training!"

~ Amy Dunlap, Certified Teacher, 2016

"Studying with the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium has truly inspired my artistic self as well as my work as an educator. Anyone who teaches acting or directs plays/musicals/operas who is looking for an approach that is based in authenticity yet seeks exciting creative expression, you should look into this technique. In one short week, we did our monologues dozens of different ways after learning some great tools. I now have a plethora of activities and exercises that promote ensemble building and also tons of ideas on how to help actors discover their action. It's an organic approach to the text using whole self (body, voice, and creative imagination) getting actors out of their head and connecting to their partner. I now teach acting differently and have also gotten some very dynamic and poetic performances out of my actors while I’m directing productions. I am so grateful for our excellent Master Teachers, Associate Artists, and my new artistic home in the GLMCC family."

~ Corrie Danieley , Certified Teacher, 2016


"There is no art without joy." ~ M. Chekhov

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