"My heart is full after yet another intensive, exhilarating, and wonderfully gratifying week at the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium.  Deep thanks and kudos to the master and associate teachers who selflessly and lovingly share their abundant individual and collective expertise as well as their deep passion for the work.  They are nothing short of inspiring!  I have found that the Chekhov technique, with its emphasis on physical work and truly developing the actor’s use of imagination, has proved to be transformative for my students.  I can heartily recommend studying Chekhov to anyone involved in acting training – professional actors, students, teachers, and directors.  And GLMCC is the perfect place to undertake that study.  I’m proud to be a graduate of the GLMCC teacher certification program and, even more, to be a member of such an inspiring and committed community of artists!"

David Ronis, Certified Teacher, 2019
Director of Opera, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 "As a high school instructor, the Chekhov Technique has been a real game-changer.  My young actors are so much in their heads, and the Technique helps them (and me!)  to get back into their bodies and rediscover the JOY of moving and creating. Their work is so much fuller because of it.  It is a wonderful addition to our theatre program. I highly recommend this experience to the high school theatre teacher - I know I’m a better director and actor because of it!"

Shelly Riggs, Module 2, 2019

"Working with the Michael Chekhov Technique at GLMCC has fundamentally changed my work as a teacher, actor, and director. The immediacy and inspired creativity of the technique give the actor a deeper psychophysical understanding of themselves and the character. Being able to implement the technique in my classroom has been a joy. I have never seen my students respond so quickly and with such ease and depth before – this technique works. GLMCC has provided a clear, rigorous, and inspiring progression of the Michael Chekhov Technique allowing the participant teachers to experience, understand, and question the technique and the process of teaching it. Not only has it been a great experience as a teacher, but it has been incredibly fulfilling as an artist to work and grow with a dedicated group of professionals over the three years. I've come out of it a better and more inspired artist."

Julian Stetkevych, Certified Teacher, 2019
Assistant Professor of Acting
Christopher Newport University


"Being part of the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium is becoming a member of a community that goes beyond the Technique. As a certified Actor and Teacher of the Michael Chekhov Technique by the GLMCC in 2018, it was a unexpected and beautifully challenging experience to come back in 2019 to be part of the GLMCC Alumni Residency.

Why come back after being certified? Because as Mark Monday reminds year after year: “It is only the beginning.” Being part of the residency is to benefit from the GLMCC ensemble; having passionate mentors to guide us through the journey, being inspired by the teachings, playing with dedicated and amazingly talented actors and most of all, exploring aiming for Chekhov’s ideal: the Theatre of the Future."

Patricia Legare Eddisford, GLMCC Alumni Residency 2019, Certified in 2018


"Faire parti du Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium c’est devenir membre d’une communauté qui va au-delà de la Technique. En tant que comédienne et enseignante certifiée de la Technique de jeu Michael Chekhov par le GLMCC en 2018, ce fût une belle expérience inouïe et un défi stimulant de revenir en 2019 avec la Résidence d’acteurs certifiés du GLMCC.

Pourquoi revenir une fois la formation complétée? Tel que nous le rappelle Mark Monday d’année en année : « Ce n’est que le début.»  Faire parti de la résidence, c’est bénéficier de l’entièreté de la communauté du GLMCC; avoir des mentors passionnés pour guider notre parcours, être inspiré par les cours, les enseignements, jouer avec des acteurs dévoués, brillamment talentueux et surtout, explorer tout en gardant comme but l’idéal de Chekhov : le Théâtre du futur."

Patricia Legare Eddisford, GLMCC Alumni Residency 2019, Certified in 2018

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"Studying with the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium has truly inspired my artistic self as well as my work as an educator. Anyone who teaches acting or directs plays/musicals/operas who is looking for an approach that is based in authenticity yet seeks exciting creative expression, you should look into this technique. In one short week, we did our monologues dozens of different ways after learning some great tools. I now have a plethora of activities and exercises that promote ensemble building and also tons of ideas on how to help actors discover their action. It's an organic approach to the text using whole self (body, voice, and creative imagination) getting actors out of their head and connecting to their partner. I now teach acting differently and have also gotten some very dynamic and poetic performances out of my actors while I’m directing productions. I am so grateful for our excellent Master Teachers, Associate Teachers, and my new artistic home in the GLMCC family."

Corrie Danieley , Certified Teacher, 2016


"There is no art without joy." ~ M. Chekhov

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